Everybody needs a blazer!

Everyone needs a blazer in their wardrobe right now. Guys and girls listen up! A blazer is an easy way to pump up a casual outfit and make it look really fashionable. You can dress it up or down to make it work for almost any occasion. Take a look at these celebs and how I recreated their look for less!

Every item is under $50!

Sarah Jessica Parker:
Sarah Jessica Parker White Blazer

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker by stitched love featuring Oasis bags

Items in this set:
Forever21.com – Dresses – Casual – 2074072455, $20
new look blazer
Heels|Shoes:Stiletto Heel,Heel Pump,Women’s High Heel Shoes,Spool…, $16
Oasis Metallic Leather Over Body Bag, $48
Brass and Lucite sabre necklace, $1,295

Kim Kardashian:
Kim Kardashian

Kim kardashian's look
Kim kardashian’s look by stitched love featuring Wild Diva shoes

Items in this set:
Patterson J. Kincaid Paris V-Neck Pocket Tee, $34
Sequin Lapel Jacket, 31 GBP
Valleygirl – JEANS, 35 AUD
Wild Diva Posen01 Platform Pumps, $25
Black ‘Sue’ studded shopper bag, 25 GBP

Lauren Conrad:
Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Look
Lauren Conrad Look by stitched love featuring Cynthia Vincent shoes

Items in this set:
Feather light cotton on the fold singlet, $34
Fashion Union › Bibi Boyfriend Blazer, 28 GBP
Forever21.com – Bottoms – Skirts – 2075301954, $15
Women’s Cynthia Vincent for Target® Gladiator Wedge Sandals – Cognac …, $30
Black patent quilted shoulder bag, 28 GBP

Halle Berry:
Halle Berry

Halle Berry Look
Halle Berry Look by stitched love featuring TopShop tops

Items in this set:
Oversized Block Stripe Tee, $36
Sequin Lapel Jacket, 31 GBP
Tri-Coastal Design Liquid Stirrup Leggings, $20
Heels|Shoes:Stiletto Heel,Heel Pump,Women’s High Heel Shoes,Spool…, $16
METAL MULISHA Signature Wallet, $26

Take inspiration from these looks and spice up your look. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Happy Shopping! xoxo

Denim Everything.

Would you guys rock the Denim Everything look, wearing Denim head to toe? I don’t know if people in Florida could do it! But what do you all think of this look for Spring? xoxo

Denim Head to Toe Designers

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Simple way to look better

So here’s something to think about ladies. When was the last time you got sized for your bra? One of the most common mistakes women make is wearing an ill fitting bra. The misconception we have is that your bra size is like your shoe size, it doesn’t change. WRONG! Your bust changes if you lose weight, or gain weight, after you have children, or naturally grow bigger or smaller. If you are wearing one that is too small it causes discomfort and squeezes you which may give you unwanted bulges. And if you are wearing one that’s too big it will give your girls too much wiggle room and you could give someone an unwanted peep show. So go to your local lingerie store and ask for a fitting. I personally go to Victoria’s Secret to buy all my undie needs. Once you find your correct size your tops will fit much better and your posture might improve! So go enhance your bust now! Xoxo

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My safe color

So I just took a look in my closet and noticed a lot of black. I don’t know why this didn’t hit me before. Black shoes, black bag, black dresses, etc. Black is my safe color! I like black, it makes me look thinner, its chic, and it goes with everything. But as a fashionista I need to do better than that. Even though I don’t wear black everyay, I could use a little more color in my wardrobe. And now is the perect time to give my wardrobe a kick! Spring/Summer 2010 is all about color! So I encourage all of you to go take a look in your wardrobe and see what you can add or subtract from it! If you have a lot of color check out new styles and neutrals. If your wardrobe is stuck in the past look into updating and getting a modern touch. And if you play it on the safe side, look into some risque pieces (underwear as outerwear)! So go see what your safe color or style is and let me know! Xoxo

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My Oscar Look

If I was going to the Oscars this is what I would wear… A gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown, messy bun, smokey eyes, natural cheek with bronzer, nude lip, and gold jewelry, with Christian Louboutin heels. What do you think?

My red carpet look
My red carpet look by stitched love featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

Items in this set:
Christian Louboutin Spritney Suede Peep Toe, 565 GBP
Sevan Bicakci 24K Gold Ring with Citrine, Diamonds and Layered…, 7,100 GBP
Gold crystal bracelet, $475
22-karat gold-plated drop earrings, $225
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