Leopard must have!

If there’s one thing you can’t forget its leopard print for fall. A leopard cardigan is a simple way to look chic and cool!

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Hot shoe ALERT!

Love Jeffrey Campbell shoes! His shoes are fierce, fashion forward, and unique-all the best qualities in a shoe. He has literally taken the ‘wedge’ to new heights and I die for them. Love, love, love! Check out some of his designs I found on karmaloop.com ❤

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Rested Radiance

Rested Radiance
**To watch the video click on the link at the bottom of the screen**

We have all had our fair share of rough nights that leave us looking exhausted in the morning. So bad that someone might say, “Do you need help carrying those bags (under your eyes)” lol. I know I needed this tip because I definitely don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. I went to marieclaire.com and they had the perfect tips on how to look radiant after a rough night!

Rested Radiance:
Make sure to match your skin tone on these steps:

Step 1: Moisturizer, a sleep deprived skin can get dehydrated. Using an intense moisturizer in the morning and continue to apply a lighter cream throughout the day.

Step 2: Next is foundation, DO NOT PILE IT ON! More makeup will leave you looking greasy throughout the day. Keep it light, you can also apply a tinted moisturize instead

Step 3: Next are the eyes. Try a beige eye pencil (or one that goes with the color of your skin tone) the trick is to look natural. Then use a dab of white shimmer powder on the inside corner of each eye, then apply just underneath your eyebrows. That will give it a little twinkle.

Step 4: Freshen up your skin tone. Put concealer on your eyelids, and to restore a sense of freshness use a rosy blush on the cheeks.

Step 5: Make your eyes pop with a little mascara that match the color of your natural eye lashes. Try not to make it look too clumpy. Separate and lengthen lashes by applying it on top of the lashes then underneath. This will give it more volume and length.

Step 6: Add some lip gloss or a natural lipstick to your lips to give them a little life.

And you’re done! Step 5 and 6 aren’t in the video but trust me they work!

Take a look at the video for yourself so you can see the model doing the look. Trust me, this will help!

Click to see the Rested Radiance Video by Marie Claire

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