My safe color

So I just took a look in my closet and noticed a lot of black. I don’t know why this didn’t hit me before. Black shoes, black bag, black dresses, etc. Black is my safe color! I like black, it makes me look thinner, its chic, and it goes with everything. But as a fashionista I need to do better than that. Even though I don’t wear black everyay, I could use a little more color in my wardrobe. And now is the perect time to give my wardrobe a kick! Spring/Summer 2010 is all about color! So I encourage all of you to go take a look in your wardrobe and see what you can add or subtract from it! If you have a lot of color check out new styles and neutrals. If your wardrobe is stuck in the past look into updating and getting a modern touch. And if you play it on the safe side, look into some risque pieces (underwear as outerwear)! So go see what your safe color or style is and let me know! Xoxo

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