Hot Swimsuit ALERT!

It’s summer time which can only mean one thing…skin. If you’re one of those people that loves to flaunt your body or if you feel like you are more reserved then I believe this swimsuit is for you. I love the retro look, and it hugs curves beautifully. This one from Victoria’s Secret is around $150, but if you don’t have the cash look for vintage styles like this or high waisted bikini bottoms to update your swim collection…

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Who is your style icon?

Hello fellow fashionistas! I have a quick question and I would love to hear your comments. Who is your style icon? Who gives you inspiration for your wardrobe, and your style? Personally I have a few including; Michelle Obama, The Kardashian sisters, Jessica Simpson, Rachel Zoe, Lady Gaga, Rihanna,etc. and most recently Victoria Beckham. I love Victoria’s style and the way she carries herself. She’s come a long way from Posh Spice, and is now a haute mom, wife, and fashion designer. Her collection is really simple, elegant, and fierce-a triple threat! I especially adore the dresses because they have a classic/vintage flair which would add a hint of glamour to many a female’s wardrobe. They are investment pieces, garments that you can have in your closet forever and it won’t go out of style. Victoria is classy, glamorous, sexy, and funny and that’s why she is one of my style icons. Now I want to hear from you guys. Who is/are your fashion icon(s) past, present, or future. Leave lots of comments! xoxo

Click here to visit Victoria Beckham’s website

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Fun on Polyvore-Ready, Set, Van Gogh!

Ready. Set. Van Gogh!
Ready. Set. Van Gogh! by stitched love featuring Juicy Couture jewelry

Items in this set:
Printed jersey strapless dress, $295
Fair Trade Platform Brogue, 125 GBP
Hand-painted stingray clutch, $990
Juicy Couture Enamel Butterfly Studs, $42
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Tried my Hand at Rested Radiance… What do you think?!

Hey you guys! I tried doing the Rested Radiance tip and it turned out pretty well (or at least I think so). I looked so crappy this morning so I had to give it a try. I took this pic after my workout so it looked a lot better before lol. But tell me what you think 🙂

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Rested Radiance

Rested Radiance
**To watch the video click on the link at the bottom of the screen**

We have all had our fair share of rough nights that leave us looking exhausted in the morning. So bad that someone might say, “Do you need help carrying those bags (under your eyes)” lol. I know I needed this tip because I definitely don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. I went to and they had the perfect tips on how to look radiant after a rough night!

Rested Radiance:
Make sure to match your skin tone on these steps:

Step 1: Moisturizer, a sleep deprived skin can get dehydrated. Using an intense moisturizer in the morning and continue to apply a lighter cream throughout the day.

Step 2: Next is foundation, DO NOT PILE IT ON! More makeup will leave you looking greasy throughout the day. Keep it light, you can also apply a tinted moisturize instead

Step 3: Next are the eyes. Try a beige eye pencil (or one that goes with the color of your skin tone) the trick is to look natural. Then use a dab of white shimmer powder on the inside corner of each eye, then apply just underneath your eyebrows. That will give it a little twinkle.

Step 4: Freshen up your skin tone. Put concealer on your eyelids, and to restore a sense of freshness use a rosy blush on the cheeks.

Step 5: Make your eyes pop with a little mascara that match the color of your natural eye lashes. Try not to make it look too clumpy. Separate and lengthen lashes by applying it on top of the lashes then underneath. This will give it more volume and length.

Step 6: Add some lip gloss or a natural lipstick to your lips to give them a little life.

And you’re done! Step 5 and 6 aren’t in the video but trust me they work!

Take a look at the video for yourself so you can see the model doing the look. Trust me, this will help!

Click to see the Rested Radiance Video by Marie Claire

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Pet Peeve=Matching

Hey you all!
I just have a quick tip for you all that also is a pet peeve of mine. Matching. You may be thinking, isn’t matching a must in fashion? Not really. Fashion ensembles are more about GOING than MATCHING. If you are wearing a yellow top, and white jeans, that doesn’t mean you have to wear yellow and white shoes, yellow and white accessories and MAKEUP! I see so many people who do that and honestly it comes off TACKY! Think about it, when you’re trying on an outfit you usually say, “Does this bag GO with this outfit?” Some people would never try to match that same yellow top and white jeans with blue suede pumps but right now… it goes! (if done right). Revolving your whole entire outfit and makeup around a set of colors, especially bright colors can turn into a disaster! Makeup should almost always look somewhat natural to your face, so wearing outlandish colors like yellow or blue just to match your pants is a little ridiculous. We aren’t in middle school anymore so learn how to step up your outfit and mix different styles and colors to make it GO together! xoxo

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Romp it Up!

Rompers are everywhere and totally stylish!

Romp It Up!
Romp It Up! by stitched love featuring Cynthia Vincent shoes

Items in this set:
Draped jersey jumpsuit, $395
Lippy – jumpsuits jumpsuits, $70
Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Sandals with Beaded Panel, 1,080 GBP
Cynthia Vincent Luella, $400
Beige Faux Leather Canvas Thong Flat Cuffed Sandal @ Amiclubwear…, $25
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Everybody needs a blazer!

Everyone needs a blazer in their wardrobe right now. Guys and girls listen up! A blazer is an easy way to pump up a casual outfit and make it look really fashionable. You can dress it up or down to make it work for almost any occasion. Take a look at these celebs and how I recreated their look for less!

Every item is under $50!

Sarah Jessica Parker:
Sarah Jessica Parker White Blazer

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker by stitched love featuring Oasis bags

Items in this set: – Dresses – Casual – 2074072455, $20
new look blazer
Heels|Shoes:Stiletto Heel,Heel Pump,Women’s High Heel Shoes,Spool…, $16
Oasis Metallic Leather Over Body Bag, $48
Brass and Lucite sabre necklace, $1,295

Kim Kardashian:
Kim Kardashian

Kim kardashian's look
Kim kardashian’s look by stitched love featuring Wild Diva shoes

Items in this set:
Patterson J. Kincaid Paris V-Neck Pocket Tee, $34
Sequin Lapel Jacket, 31 GBP
Valleygirl – JEANS, 35 AUD
Wild Diva Posen01 Platform Pumps, $25
Black ‘Sue’ studded shopper bag, 25 GBP

Lauren Conrad:
Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Look
Lauren Conrad Look by stitched love featuring Cynthia Vincent shoes

Items in this set:
Feather light cotton on the fold singlet, $34
Fashion Union › Bibi Boyfriend Blazer, 28 GBP – Bottoms – Skirts – 2075301954, $15
Women’s Cynthia Vincent for Target® Gladiator Wedge Sandals – Cognac …, $30
Black patent quilted shoulder bag, 28 GBP

Halle Berry:
Halle Berry

Halle Berry Look
Halle Berry Look by stitched love featuring TopShop tops

Items in this set:
Oversized Block Stripe Tee, $36
Sequin Lapel Jacket, 31 GBP
Tri-Coastal Design Liquid Stirrup Leggings, $20
Heels|Shoes:Stiletto Heel,Heel Pump,Women’s High Heel Shoes,Spool…, $16
METAL MULISHA Signature Wallet, $26

Take inspiration from these looks and spice up your look. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Happy Shopping! xoxo

Denim Everything.

Would you guys rock the Denim Everything look, wearing Denim head to toe? I don’t know if people in Florida could do it! But what do you all think of this look for Spring? xoxo

Denim Head to Toe Designers

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Simple way to look better

So here’s something to think about ladies. When was the last time you got sized for your bra? One of the most common mistakes women make is wearing an ill fitting bra. The misconception we have is that your bra size is like your shoe size, it doesn’t change. WRONG! Your bust changes if you lose weight, or gain weight, after you have children, or naturally grow bigger or smaller. If you are wearing one that is too small it causes discomfort and squeezes you which may give you unwanted bulges. And if you are wearing one that’s too big it will give your girls too much wiggle room and you could give someone an unwanted peep show. So go to your local lingerie store and ask for a fitting. I personally go to Victoria’s Secret to buy all my undie needs. Once you find your correct size your tops will fit much better and your posture might improve! So go enhance your bust now! Xoxo

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