Interview with THE Fashion Manic

SL: Okay, can you tell everyone a little about yourself (where you’re from, where you
live, etc.)?
FM: Hey hey, What’s up my fellow fashionistos and fashionistas?! My name is Calvin ‘THE
FashionManic’ Chandler. I’m from and currently live in New York City, Brooklyn to be
exact. I’m a 23-year-young fashion-stylist who is VERY blessed to be living his dreams.

SL: How would you describe you’re sense of style?
FM: Oooowee..difficult question (laughs) because I don’t have a set style so
my “sense” varies. I compare fashion to paintings, every piece reflects a mood or a story
and the same with my style. I’m very daring, risky, and very spontaneous. One day you
may see me in some cut up jeans and a jean-vest, the next day you may see me with a
bowtie and a cardigan. So it varies on my mood, how I’m feeling when I awake or start
my day.

SL: What designer do you admire the most?
FM: Hmmm, I don’t have any favorites, per say, but if I really had to choose it’d be Alexander
McQueen, rest in peace, he was a phenomenal designer. His work compliments
my “sense of style”, it’s very edgy. I love it.

SL: Do you have any style pet peeves?
FM: Quite a few (laughs). My main style pet peeve is CLEAN Chuck Taylor’s. I
admire vintage clothing a lot and I feel just the name Chuck Taylor is vintage and when I
think of ‘Chucks’ I think of them as gritty, dirty looking..not falling apart or just worn out,
but add a little “harshness” to them. Don’t be afraid to walk in dirt or dust, if someone
steps on them so be it (laughs).

SL: What have you been up to this year(job wise)?
FM: Well, I was a “stylist” at The Levi Store for a couple of months and Urban Outfitters for a
few days (laughs). I wanted to climb within the company to become their fashion-buyer
but it didn’t quite work out. While perusing Styling, I assist-styled/wardrobe Missy Elliott
and crew for VH1’s Hip Hop Honor Awards in June then worked
with them for a show in Stockholm, Sweden and continued later on for a European tour.
The tour’s over now, so I’m back in NYC with even more ambition. My business-partner,
JayFrames, and I have launched a company by the name of FashionManic.Frames and
signed ourselves as artist. I am the stylist, of course (laughs), and my business-partner is
the photographer ..JayFrames is his name. We have just agreed to work with Brooklyn
Fashion week on a few projects, so we’re really excited about that. Stay tuned, because
we don’t settle with one event or project, we like to busy ourselves (smiles). We have
a Facebook fan page for anyone that has a Facebook account, type in the search bar:
FashionManicFrames (one word) and for my fellow tweeters: @FashionManic

SL: How exciting! What do you like the most about your job?
FM: Job? what job? This, what I’m doing …is nothing less than my dream, my
profession, my career. I feel a JOB is doing something you don’t really desire
to do, you may be doing it for the funds or to keep active, a CAREER is what you strived
and worked hard for. It’s what makes one happy, and I am just that ..HAPPY!

SL: Well, what have you learned from your career?
FM: I’ve learned a lot! Let’s just keep it at that. (laughs)

SL: What would you ultimately like to achieve career wise?
FM: To be known, well it’s getting there rather fast I must add ..but to be known by the
fashion industry as well as the music industry for my gift/talent. Also, I am going to
work on releasing a jean-line with Levi, but sshhh ..keep that on the hush
..if not them, then any jean-company of an adequate offer. Watch me work! (winks)

SL:Anything else you want to add? Any words of encouragement to those who want to
get into the fashion industry?
FM: Not just for the fashion industry but for life in general: chase your dream ..your passion
not the money ..the money will come. Keep God first and follow your heart. Fashion is
ART: people are the canvas, and clothes are the paint. “If you want something ..GO
GET IT! …PERIOD!” – Will Smith as Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happiness)


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Who is your style icon?

Hello fellow fashionistas! I have a quick question and I would love to hear your comments. Who is your style icon? Who gives you inspiration for your wardrobe, and your style? Personally I have a few including; Michelle Obama, The Kardashian sisters, Jessica Simpson, Rachel Zoe, Lady Gaga, Rihanna,etc. and most recently Victoria Beckham. I love Victoria’s style and the way she carries herself. She’s come a long way from Posh Spice, and is now a haute mom, wife, and fashion designer. Her collection is really simple, elegant, and fierce-a triple threat! I especially adore the dresses because they have a classic/vintage flair which would add a hint of glamour to many a female’s wardrobe. They are investment pieces, garments that you can have in your closet forever and it won’t go out of style. Victoria is classy, glamorous, sexy, and funny and that’s why she is one of my style icons. Now I want to hear from you guys. Who is/are your fashion icon(s) past, present, or future. Leave lots of comments! xoxo

Click here to visit Victoria Beckham’s website

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Fun on Polyvore-Ready, Set, Van Gogh!

Ready. Set. Van Gogh!
Ready. Set. Van Gogh! by stitched love featuring Juicy Couture jewelry

Items in this set:
Printed jersey strapless dress, $295
Fair Trade Platform Brogue, 125 GBP
Hand-painted stingray clutch, $990
Juicy Couture Enamel Butterfly Studs, $42
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Tried my Hand at Rested Radiance… What do you think?!

Hey you guys! I tried doing the Rested Radiance tip and it turned out pretty well (or at least I think so). I looked so crappy this morning so I had to give it a try. I took this pic after my workout so it looked a lot better before lol. But tell me what you think 🙂

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Romp it Up!

Rompers are everywhere and totally stylish!

Romp It Up!
Romp It Up! by stitched love featuring Cynthia Vincent shoes

Items in this set:
Draped jersey jumpsuit, $395
Lippy – jumpsuits jumpsuits, $70
Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Sandals with Beaded Panel, 1,080 GBP
Cynthia Vincent Luella, $400
Beige Faux Leather Canvas Thong Flat Cuffed Sandal @ Amiclubwear…, $25
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Denim Everything.

Would you guys rock the Denim Everything look, wearing Denim head to toe? I don’t know if people in Florida could do it! But what do you all think of this look for Spring? xoxo

Denim Head to Toe Designers

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Simple way to look better

So here’s something to think about ladies. When was the last time you got sized for your bra? One of the most common mistakes women make is wearing an ill fitting bra. The misconception we have is that your bra size is like your shoe size, it doesn’t change. WRONG! Your bust changes if you lose weight, or gain weight, after you have children, or naturally grow bigger or smaller. If you are wearing one that is too small it causes discomfort and squeezes you which may give you unwanted bulges. And if you are wearing one that’s too big it will give your girls too much wiggle room and you could give someone an unwanted peep show. So go to your local lingerie store and ask for a fitting. I personally go to Victoria’s Secret to buy all my undie needs. Once you find your correct size your tops will fit much better and your posture might improve! So go enhance your bust now! Xoxo

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My safe color

So I just took a look in my closet and noticed a lot of black. I don’t know why this didn’t hit me before. Black shoes, black bag, black dresses, etc. Black is my safe color! I like black, it makes me look thinner, its chic, and it goes with everything. But as a fashionista I need to do better than that. Even though I don’t wear black everyay, I could use a little more color in my wardrobe. And now is the perect time to give my wardrobe a kick! Spring/Summer 2010 is all about color! So I encourage all of you to go take a look in your wardrobe and see what you can add or subtract from it! If you have a lot of color check out new styles and neutrals. If your wardrobe is stuck in the past look into updating and getting a modern touch. And if you play it on the safe side, look into some risque pieces (underwear as outerwear)! So go see what your safe color or style is and let me know! Xoxo

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Summer Body Fast!

For everyone that wants to get firmer abs, thighs, and butt do this 5 minute routine when you can’t make it to the gym or workout. Kim Kardashian’s Fit in Your Jeans by Friday DVDs really work. I do this ‘BUTT BLAST’ everyday before bed, and I’m already tightening up and shrinking my waist!

I encourage you guys to buy they DVD’s they aren’t too expensive, give great results and are a lot of fun!

Click her to buy Fit In Your Jeans By Friday

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Shoe ideas for Spring

Check out these great shoe ideas. They are in order from most expensive at the top to least expensive at the bottom. Try animal prints, bolder shoes, and suede platforms. With these choices updating your shoe closet is easy. By the way all the bottom row shoes are from 😉

Bold Ideas for Spring
Bold Ideas for Spring by stitched love featuring ASOS shoes

Items in this set:
Suede chiffon cutout sandals, $855
Studded Court By Louise Goldin, $310
ASOS ALTO Animal Print Platform Ankle Boot, $135
Guess Shoes Chandra – Brown Multi Pony, $69
Womens – Christian Siriano For Payless – To The Point Printed Platform…, $80
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