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Where to start? My name is Sasha and I am a student at the University of South Florida majoring in Marketing, and quite simply I despise the analytical and often dull approach to my major. Crunching numbers, comparing and contrasting statistics of a company is just NOT MY THING. I am not cut out for the 9-5 M-F job, but what I have discovered over the course of my college career is how much I love fashion. And I know what you’re thinking, “Oh wow what a surprise a girl that likes clothes! whoopty friggin do” But here is the thing, I don’t like clothes… I love them. I love the ART of fashion. Many people frown upon fashion trends and like to go against the grain and be individualistic with their sense of style. And that kind of makes me laugh and think about the Devil Wears Prada when when Merell Streep gets on Anne Hathaway for the Cerulean sweater. Simply put… you cannot escape fashion. It is like another world, with it’s own language and customs, and should be respected… not mocked. I am like a Stacy London jr. I tell you what not to wear and what looks fabulous for you! You might be saying where does she come off telling me what looks good and what doesn’t. Well I’m no professional, but I have been studying the way women dress for years collecting all the Vogues, Elles, Cosmo’s, Marie Claire’s, etc. and understand how to dress different body types, and make you look and feel fantastic! My sister and I both have a love for fashion and we started an old blog http://stitchedlovesisters.blogspot.com/ but I upgraded 🙂 I sketch here and there as well, mostly gowns, and I am actually in the process of making my designs into actual pieces! So exciting. So that’s my about me, I love fashion and I like taking people’s wardrobes to the next level. So continue to look me up, you won’t be disappointed.

For all the anti-fashion heads out there Click to see video of Devil Wears Prada Cerulean scene

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