Interview with THE Fashion Manic

SL: Okay, can you tell everyone a little about yourself (where you’re from, where you
live, etc.)?
FM: Hey hey, What’s up my fellow fashionistos and fashionistas?! My name is Calvin ‘THE
FashionManic’ Chandler. I’m from and currently live in New York City, Brooklyn to be
exact. I’m a 23-year-young fashion-stylist who is VERY blessed to be living his dreams.

SL: How would you describe you’re sense of style?
FM: Oooowee..difficult question (laughs) because I don’t have a set style so
my “sense” varies. I compare fashion to paintings, every piece reflects a mood or a story
and the same with my style. I’m very daring, risky, and very spontaneous. One day you
may see me in some cut up jeans and a jean-vest, the next day you may see me with a
bowtie and a cardigan. So it varies on my mood, how I’m feeling when I awake or start
my day.

SL: What designer do you admire the most?
FM: Hmmm, I don’t have any favorites, per say, but if I really had to choose it’d be Alexander
McQueen, rest in peace, he was a phenomenal designer. His work compliments
my “sense of style”, it’s very edgy. I love it.

SL: Do you have any style pet peeves?
FM: Quite a few (laughs). My main style pet peeve is CLEAN Chuck Taylor’s. I
admire vintage clothing a lot and I feel just the name Chuck Taylor is vintage and when I
think of ‘Chucks’ I think of them as gritty, dirty looking..not falling apart or just worn out,
but add a little “harshness” to them. Don’t be afraid to walk in dirt or dust, if someone
steps on them so be it (laughs).

SL: What have you been up to this year(job wise)?
FM: Well, I was a “stylist” at The Levi Store for a couple of months and Urban Outfitters for a
few days (laughs). I wanted to climb within the company to become their fashion-buyer
but it didn’t quite work out. While perusing Styling, I assist-styled/wardrobe Missy Elliott
and crew for VH1’s Hip Hop Honor Awards in June then worked
with them for a show in Stockholm, Sweden and continued later on for a European tour.
The tour’s over now, so I’m back in NYC with even more ambition. My business-partner,
JayFrames, and I have launched a company by the name of FashionManic.Frames and
signed ourselves as artist. I am the stylist, of course (laughs), and my business-partner is
the photographer ..JayFrames is his name. We have just agreed to work with Brooklyn
Fashion week on a few projects, so we’re really excited about that. Stay tuned, because
we don’t settle with one event or project, we like to busy ourselves (smiles). We have
a Facebook fan page for anyone that has a Facebook account, type in the search bar:
FashionManicFrames (one word) and for my fellow tweeters: @FashionManic

SL: How exciting! What do you like the most about your job?
FM: Job? what job? This, what I’m doing …is nothing less than my dream, my
profession, my career. I feel a JOB is doing something you don’t really desire
to do, you may be doing it for the funds or to keep active, a CAREER is what you strived
and worked hard for. It’s what makes one happy, and I am just that ..HAPPY!

SL: Well, what have you learned from your career?
FM: I’ve learned a lot! Let’s just keep it at that. (laughs)

SL: What would you ultimately like to achieve career wise?
FM: To be known, well it’s getting there rather fast I must add ..but to be known by the
fashion industry as well as the music industry for my gift/talent. Also, I am going to
work on releasing a jean-line with Levi, but sshhh ..keep that on the hush
..if not them, then any jean-company of an adequate offer. Watch me work! (winks)

SL:Anything else you want to add? Any words of encouragement to those who want to
get into the fashion industry?
FM: Not just for the fashion industry but for life in general: chase your dream ..your passion
not the money ..the money will come. Keep God first and follow your heart. Fashion is
ART: people are the canvas, and clothes are the paint. “If you want something ..GO
GET IT! …PERIOD!” – Will Smith as Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happiness)


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