Who is your style icon?

Hello fellow fashionistas! I have a quick question and I would love to hear your comments. Who is your style icon? Who gives you inspiration for your wardrobe, and your style? Personally I have a few including; Michelle Obama, The Kardashian sisters, Jessica Simpson, Rachel Zoe, Lady Gaga, Rihanna,etc. and most recently Victoria Beckham. I love Victoria’s style and the way she carries herself. She’s come a long way from Posh Spice, and is now a haute mom, wife, and fashion designer. Her collection is really simple, elegant, and fierce-a triple threat! I especially adore the dresses because they have a classic/vintage flair which would add a hint of glamour to many a female’s wardrobe. They are investment pieces, garments that you can have in your closet forever and it won’t go out of style. Victoria is classy, glamorous, sexy, and funny and that’s why she is one of my style icons. Now I want to hear from you guys. Who is/are your fashion icon(s) past, present, or future. Leave lots of comments! xoxo

Click here to visit Victoria Beckham’s website

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  1. Personally, I don’t have a SET style. My attire varies, as so does what I purchase and where I purchase from. Though there are people who admire because they have the same daring persona as me, and that is; Kanye West, Andre300, Erykah Badu, Lady GaGa, Sarah J. Parker, Prince, and Teyana Taylor (feels like I’m missing one or two). Also, I’d have to include Chris Brown because I digg and dress with that high school jock..swag, eg: varsity-lettermen jacket, zipped-hoody, jeans, vans/chuck taylors.

  2. I have to say I like all those people, especially Sarah Jessica Parker, I love her! Being bold and daring is a hard look to do, and to maintain. So kudos to you for rocking your look and loving your look! That’s what fashion is about 🙂

  3. 😀 I am loving Mrs. Beckham in that picture and fit! I have to see what her line is about, though I trust your judgement. 😉

  4. One would think it’s over the top because she seems to be that way, but it’s very simple and chic. It’s how a classy/stylish lady should dress 🙂

  5. Those shoes are nice.. Im not to conscious about brands and styling but I do know that the shoes stuck out in my eyes.

    … thats Posh Spice right?

    • yup that’s her lookin fierce

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