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So I am not the only one that was bitten by the fashion bug. My sister Sesheta Tanya Holder and her friend Rebecca Santilli decided to create their own accessory line. They hand make their products and they are super creative! I did a quick interview with her to find out how she came up with the idea of MavenFresh Unlimited.

SL: What is MavenFresh ultd? How did you get started?
MF: Mavenfresh was started in the winter of 2009 by Sesheta Holder & Rebecca Santilli, two friends from (long island) New York. MavenFresh is indirectly named after ourselves because we consider ourselves experts on “freshness” –fresh meaning new, dope or exciting, organic, natural, young – which is why we call ourselves “premiere fashion mavens”or PFMs. We were drawn together by our love of fashion, color and our vegan/vegetarian lifestyles. We also realized our love of vintage things & looks and the idea of making the old new. We started vibing off of that until we decided that we could create a brand together.

SL: You design jewelry and accessories, what’s your inspiration?
MF: LOVE OF COLOR!!! Love of fashion from many different eras & across different cultures (Native American influence, African influence, art deco, Japanese fashion, boho, etc)
And our personalities are an inspiration for our designs—we are the lower east side girls, the bohemian free-spirits, & the street chic chicks with the style that you want now. You can see that mix of energies in our pieces – blends of hard urban edge with softer feminine aspects added in.

SL:How do you hope people perceive your designs?
MF:We want to bring urban glamour to women of all ages! Our pieces will be that jumping off point or that finishing touch to take your outfit to the next level. (Best of all, jewelry is “one size fits all” and it makes everyone feel good about themselves). We choose our outfits based on what piece of MF jewelry and/or accessories we want to wear each day. It changes things from wardrobe focused to accessory focused. Everyone can afford to purchase a new smaller item which will help refresh your everyday clothes without spending a fortune.

SL:Are you coming out with any new looks?
MF: Oooh yes- sequins are out in full effect – the more bling the better on hats and more. We will have legwarmers, crochet flower headwraps, new versions of our popular Jersey Mobius Scarves, cluster earrings, and so much more!! We are soo excited for warmer weather and we are currently planning everything. Look for our new Spring items in our etsy shop

SL: Anything else you want to tell the world?
MF: We always get questions on how to wear our items or have people say “I can’t wear that”. We want everyone to know that you can wear anything if you have the right self-confidence and swagger to pull it off. We are willing to be your personal stylists to help you learn how to make MavenFresh an everyday experience! Let the PFMs into your lives and wardrobe! We aren’t just talking accessories…hire us to style you head to toe!

Here are my favorite looks! My favorites are the applique headbands and the mobious scarf which by the way is very in season (afghan head wear is up and coming right now). I admire Maven Fresh for making their dream into a reality, I see bright things in the future for them and I will definitely be checking out the site on a regular basis for new stuff! You guys should too! xoxo

Click here to check out their site and buy some cute accessories
Click here to become a fan on Facebook

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  1. I love it!!! Thanks so much for the awesome post and plugs. xxooxoxo

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